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But….Are You Really Boutique?

At Three By Three, we pride ourselves on being boutique and adaptable (to a point) to our client’s needs. I can feel your eyes rolling at the idea, likely thinking that someone on our end decided to use the latest word on their “buzzword of the month” calendar, but (thankfully) that’s not t

‘Da Board’: A Q&A

They put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you and me. At least we think they do… Whether you’re brand new to condominium living or have been in your unit for 37 years, you’re likely aware that decisions made for the condominium as a whole are made by your board of […]

Condo Corporation Hierarchy

You’ve just received an infraction notice with a fine for the ill-fated party you decided to throw over the weekend. Your gut instinct is to lash out and send a scathing email to your condo manager, because apparently they’re the “fun police”. While your anger may be real, it’s definitely

Wee-Woo, Wee-Woo — Emergency!

While we’re sure that mapping out a cohesive and fool-proof plan should your building ever has an emergency likely ranks just below having to do your taxes in terms of excitement, fear not, as we have run through the scenarios and have done the necessary checks in an effort to keep you safe. At 3&

Stop! Wait a Minute

… fill my cup, put some liquor in it — Bruno Mars That’s exactly how we felt in the spring of 2021. Three By Three started out on a whim. It was an off the cuff comment that turned into a little digging into the condo management market, which then turned into a…. Holy shit, […]

Condominiums: The Quick & The Dirty

We frequently discuss condominium living and what it entails, but we realized on this chilly Thursday that we haven’t delved into what a condominium actually is. We figure today is as good as any to break down what a condo is and who the players are. So settle in, grab a drink of choice and [&hell