Have a question? Maybe it can be answered in the questions below. Give it a shot and if it’s not there, feel free to message us with whatever you’d like to discuss.

How do I order an estoppel certificate or disclosure statement?

Click this link HERE and follow the prompts.

Why are there different charges for an estoppel or disclosure statement?

We have two timelines for this service. One is on a rush basis (as in, you need it NOW because you totally forgot about this step amidst all the excitement) and the other is within 10 days.

I need a copy of a document, how do I get it?

If you are a current owner in a complex that we manage, you have access to our owners portal. The login information is sent out upon ownership change and when a password change is completed on our end. If you don’t seem to have this email or hit delete because you were annoyed with our presence in your inbox, send an email to your condo manager and they will forward the information for you. This also goes for all documents you might need for a sale of your property (except the estoppel).

Do you take on larger condominium corporations?

Yes we do. Our focus is primarily on the little guys (50 units and under), because we saw a need for it in Calgary. However, we do currently manage larger properties and commercial complexes as well.

We want to hire Three By Three. Do we have to do the in-person meeting?

Yes. As much as it is an interview for you, it’s also one for us. We don’t want to take on a corporation that we know we can’t work with. It all comes down to personalities and our ability to effectively manage. Look at it this way: Why would you choose a firm if you’re not going to get along with them? We feel the same way.

Do you take on properties outside of the city limits?

Yes we do. We are happy to discuss management anywhere in Alberta.

Who at Three By Three chooses the contractors to do work at our complex?

Three By Three obtains 3 quotes for any project at any Condominium we manage. These three quotes get sent to the elected Board of Directors at your site and they ultimately make the decision with who to use. It is not us that chooses. Think of us as the middleman. Or the cream filling in an Oreo.

Do you offer management that is tailored to what my Corporation wants?

Yes we do. We are happy to be flexible with your condo corps needs if you’re looking for something a little different and out of scope.

Why is your office by appointment only?

We allow our staff to work from anywhere they can. Often, staff will be out on site visits, meeting contractors, having coffee with a Board president or maybe picking up their kid from school. A lot of our work is done in the evenings (think board meetings and AGM’s), so we like to make sure our staff have flexibility in their day. Sometimes, this flexibility means there is no one in our office. If you’re going to pop by, definitely set up a time.

Why should we choose Three By Three to manage our property?

It’s cliche. But we actually care. Our mandate is to make sure that we don’t get so big that we wouldn’t recognize a board member on the street. We enjoy fostering relationships with our community and we can’t see that happening if we didn’t actually care. Cheesy? Yes. Truthful? Also yes.

What is the transition process like?

Well, that depends on you and your previous management firm. We are only as good as our Board of Directors and their connection with the last firm. We do our best to get all the ducks in a row a month prior and then the rest should fall in line.

Why are you not licensed?

Service Alberta (the ministry that governs us) is going through the steps of creating an organization and accreditation. As of 2021, there isn’t one. Don’t you worry though, as soon as there is, we will be on it like white on rice.

Why do you only offer 2 board meetings and one AGM per calendar year?

Do you really want to hang out with us more? I mean, I get it. We’re pretty cool. But the reality is, all of our Boards should be pretty good at adulting and shouldn’t need us there every time. We trust that the Boards we work with are able to complete their documents and to do lists without our intervention. However, if you feel like you need to have us at your meetings more, we can do that too. For a fee.

Do you really have all the Corporate documents available for owners for free?

Well, shucks yes we do!! Like we said above, we’re pretty cool like that.

How does your emergency line work?

Our emergency line is meant for real emergencies. Death, potential death, damages or potential significant losses. This does not include asking for our email, what day it is, whether Abbie is available for a date or if we are wanting three million dollars from a prince that left it to us. When you call that line for the real emergencies, you will get one of our staff instead of a call center. The phone line rings to all members of our team 24/7 and one of us will help you with the situation at hand.

What are your extras?

That depends on how you structure your contract with us. We can include everything or bare bones. That being said, we will always be open and transparent about everything. In the end, we want this to work out with you just as much as you want it to work out with us.

How many doors do each manager oversee?

We dictate that based on the person. Our goal is to ensure each person in our posse is looked after and not taking on more than they are capable of. After all, a happy manager is an effective manager.

How did you guys get to be so cool?

A lot of hard work, blue gatorade and a leprechaun named Chonk.

Phone: 587-703-3311
#7 1420 9th Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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