Into the Deep End We Go!

It’s late 2019, there’s a light dusting of snow on the ground, and the company is still small, but growing. As we get lost in the crisp, winter beauty outside, we think back to this time about a year ago when we were told that it would be beneficial for our little company to have a blog.

As it was explained to us, we needed an online forum where we can provide insight, information, and great stories, although the great part is highly subjective.

When Three By Three was born, we started with the philosophy that while this spinning piece of rock is actually pretty big, Richard Sherman had it right when he penned his famous ditty, “It’s a Small World”.


Unless you lock yourself in your house or move to the back forty with no one around for mile, you never know who you’re going to run into, see, or happen to be standing next to in line at the coffee shop. 

Recognizing that fact, we are based on the idea that a management firm can manage, yet integrate seamlessly into the community. We’ve always tried to maintain our personable and approachable style, while never getting so big that the people we help simply become a number.

We want to be able to recognize a board member standing behind us at Analog or have them feel comfortable enough to say hi while we’re both scanning the shelves for tomato soup.

As silly as it sounds, we’ve somehow managed to make that happen – so far (knock on wood). In this great big world, we run into our clients all the time and we are so very thankful that this happens.

So. Here we are. Welcome to leap into the deep end without water wings. If you’re willing, feel free to wait around while we flounder about and hopefully we can provide the insight, answers, and even a bit of humour you’re looking for.